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Annual Planting

As spring progresses, it is once again time to plant your annuals. Bright and colourful annuals bring instant appeal to your property, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and wow your friends and neighbours.

The rule of thumb when planting annuals is to wait until after the first full moon in June, but they can be planted as early as the May long weekend if they can be covered at night or moved inside when there is a risk of frost. Annuals can be planted directly in your beds, used as a border for pathways or stonework and planted in decorative planters and window boxes. At Sandhill, we design our annual plantings with a “thriller, filler, spiller” theme. Bright colours with height create the thrills, a complementary range of colour and species provides beautiful filler and vines and hanging annuals spill over the sides. The results are dramatic and attention grabbing displays.

Annuals should be planted in new potting soil, fertilized weekly (we recommend Miracle Grow’s Ultra Bloom) and watered regularly. This will ensure your displays will stay healthy and vibrant throughout the season. Sandhill’s professional planting and maintenance staff can recommend the perfect mix of annuals to complement your property and can take care of all the design and planting.

Plan on visiting Sandhill Nursery to see our huge selection of annuals for yourself, or call or email us to arrange for our crew for planting. We can be reached at or by calling (705) 789-5319.