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Deer Proofing

deerHow can I plant a deer proof garden?

Remember the deer were here first, we are in their space. If you are planting a new garden try to plant plants that the deer don’t like. Plants with strong smells, thorns or a fuzzy texture can often be enough of a deterrent. Barberry, Lavender, Sage and Yarrow are all great choices and there are many more to choose from.

I have never had deer in my garden until this year, how do I keep them from eating my entire garden?

There are all sorts of Organic options to try to discourage deer from feasting on your garden. You can try Irish spring soap(they don’t like the smell), scarecrows, sensor lights, and a radio left on can all be ways to keep them at bay. We also carry a product called Plantskydd, it smells awful but works great. You have to re apply every couple of months but has lasting results.

I have put a fence around my garden and the deer are still able to get in, How do I keep them out?

Your fence should be a minimum of 8 feet, those deer can jump!

What can I plant that the deer don’t like?

We have an extensive plant list that we can provide. We have found some annuals, many perennials and a good list of shrubs that the deer tend to avoid. The deer are hard to predict they may try something and not like it and there is your plant lying on the ground. We are continually adding and trying new methods to help avoid the