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Organic Gardening

flowers_purpleWhat should I be adding to my garden to improve soil conditions and overall performance of my plants?

Make sure you plant with 3-way mix or better yet Compost Plus. You should also plant with a starter fertilizer make sure it is high in Phosphorus which will stimulate root growth. Healthy Roots makes for a healthy plant. If you are on the lake or by a stream you shouldn’t use Phosphorus it creates the growth of algae and plat life in the water and can be harmful to the aquatic eco-system. You can however add compost and apply mulch.

Should I be mulching my Garden? What are the benefits?

Mulch is a great source of organic matter. Mulch helps keep the moisture in the ground, prevents weeds from growing and breaks down into organic matter to help amend the soil therefore you will have to replace every year but your plants will thank you for it with blooms and growth.

What Fertilizer should I be using on my garden?

Keep your garden mulched about 3 inches think. If your garden still requires a boost you can use an all purpose slow release organic fertilizer. We recommend Vigiro Pink it consist of 8 part Nitrogen (for green growth) 12 parts phosphorus (for root growth ) and 6 parts Potassium (that helps root and green growth). Remember all fertilizer has 3 letters on the box N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and easy trick to remember what they stand for is up down and around.