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Pest Control

pest3We have organic solutions for garden and lawn pests.

Predators such as lady bugs or praying mantis maintain the natural balance of a garden and keep pests at bay. When predators are not enough we offer solutions such as Neem oil, Nematodes or Slug pots. All of these options are very safe for humans and friendly on the environment.

We’ll help you get rid of the moles tearing apart your lawn.

If you have moles in your lawn chances are you have grubs living in there as well. Grub larvae lives beneath the soil and provides a food source for the moles. To eliminate those tunnels in your lawn you will have to eradicate the moles food source. We recommend applying Nematodes to your lawn in June and September. Nematodes are a microscopic organism that feed on the grub larva; once the grubs are gone the moles will be too. Nematodes are easy to apply; soak the Nematode loaded sponge in a pail of water to release the micro-scopic organisms. After micro-scopic organisms are released water affected areas in the lawn. The organisms will feed on the grub larvae and eliminate the food source for those pesky moles. Keep in mind soil temperatures should be above 13 Degrees.

We’ll keep the slugs from eating your Hostas.

We carry a Safers product called slug bait, which works well. We also recommend filling a small container full of beer. The slugs are highly attracted to the scent and taste of beer. They will crawl in to the container and you can dispose of them once they’ve been captured. We sell decorative ceramic slug pots that add décor to your garden while addressing your slug problem.

Come in and talk to us about any of your pest control issues and we will recommend safe and effective solutions.