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Proper Planting

plantingHow do I plant the trees and shrubs I just purchased?

First thing, know where your plants are going and the soil conditions you will be planting with. It is always a good idea to start with the soil. You should add 3-way mix, Compost plus or good quality topsoil with composted manure. Take the plant out of the container and examine the roots, make sure the plant is well rooted and free of pest and disease problems. You will want the plant to be no deeper then it was in the pot, if it is planted to deep it will starve the plant of oxygen and the plant will suffer. Once you have established the proper depth mix in you organic matter and starter fertilizer with the existing soil and gently fill in around roots, avoid packing soil heavily. Water well and continue to water regulary for the next few weeks until the plant is established

Should I stake my trees?

Only if it is loose after planting. Young trees will usually be stable and a ball and burlap tree base is usually stable enough to keep the tree in place. If you are staking make sure you use proper staking material to avoid girdling the tree.

How long should I water for?

You should water your plants everyday for the first week you can then gradually reduce the watering to every other day and then after a few weeks cut the watering back to 3 times per week. If you are planting in spring or fall you may not need to water as much because the temperature is cool and there is more moisture in the ground.

When is the best time to plant?

Spring and Fall are the best times because mother nature is on your side with the watering. Summer is also a good time just remember to water regularly.