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This summer come enjoy a brand new art experience at Sandhill Nursery that is sure to spark some creativity in your life. We have partnered with Toronto based artist Kristyn Watterworth to create a unique and interactive exhibit throughout the nursery and am inviting you to come experience the synergy between art and nature. 


Kristyn’s goal is to bring joy and a little more brightness into each passing day. She has spent years developing her craft; a mixed medium artist known for her vibrant and engaging work, she loves to mix up styles, genres and subject matter. “There are so many ways to make things come alive and I love to explore so many of them,” she exclaims.

The partnership with Sandhill is designed to add to the visual landscape throughout the nursery. Installations amongst the flowers and trees create an amazing backdrop and setting to experience the new Sandhill Nursery. Kristyn enlisted the help of Stevennina Drassinower a sculptural metal artist to create a mixed medium sculpture that you will have to get, “Lost in the Woods."

Part of the initiative is to raise awareness and funds for Community Living Huntsville. The not-for-profit, registered charity works to foster inclusiveness for people with developmental disabilities to live, work, and play in unique and purposeful ways in North Muskoka. Its team supports and advocates alongside more than 300 children and adults, and their families. Community Living Huntsville celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022.

We invited people supported by Community Living Huntsville to Sandhill Nursery on Friday Jul 8, 2022 to collaborate with KryArt (Kristyn Watterworth) by creating the backdrop for 3 of her pieces which will be on display around the nursery. 1 of these pieces will be auctioned off in order to raise money for Community Living Hunstville.

“Wesley” was created by Kristyn Watterworth in collaboration with people supported by Community Living Huntsville. This piece is an original artwork and on display at Sandhill Nursery today! It is up for auction NOW until September 5, 2022 with the entirety of the purchase being pledged to Community Living Huntsville.


You can also DONATE at Sandhill Nursery or online at http://www.clhuntsville.ca/donate/housing


Join us on Instagram: @sandhill.nursery.muskoka