Muskoka Giant Pumpkin Contest

If you're up for a growing challenge here's how to get involved:

1) Register by July 15th, 2019

2) Plant your pumpkin seed in the ground

3) Give it all the love and nurturing you can!

4) Bring your GIANT pumpkin to Sandhill Nursery (Huntsville, ON) Sat Sep 28th, 2019 for the grand event!

All registration fees go into the prize pool which will be divided as follows:

1st Place = 70% of prize pool (min. $1,500)
2nd Place = 20% of prize pool
3rd Place = 10% of prize pool

This is a family-friendly event! 100% of the registration fees go to the prize money for the top 3 giant pumpkin growers.
Registration fees are non-refundable.

See Rules and Regulations below.

Giant Pumpkin Contest - 2019 Registration
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Rules and Regulations for all participants of the Muskoka Giant Pumpkin Contest:

  • Weights will be recorded in 1/2 pound increments.

  • The contest is open to individuals from North of Barrie. The grower must be in attendance at the competition in order to compete or they must relay in writing who they will have represent them.

  • Growers must register their pumpkin between 9am - 1pm on the day of the event.

  • All pumpkins must be loaded on a skid/pallet which can be easily lifted with a forklift.

  • Your pumpkin must be sound, healthy and undamaged. The vine must be trimmed to one inch from the stem (stalk) of the fruit.

  • Pumpkins of equal weight will be reweighed and then declared co-winners and that prize money as well as the funds from the next level below will be divided equally equally for those two positions.

  • All growers agree that the use of his/her name and likeness may be used for promotional purposes without any further compensation.

  • No grower or spectator shall attempt to influence judges or impede the proceedings of a fair competition. The committee reserves the right to suspend or remove any participant or spectator.

  • The committee, staff and volunteers shall not be responsible for any accidents, losses or breakage of entries, or displays.

  • The winner agrees to keep his/her pumpkin on-site and on display for one week.

    These rules are subject to change.