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At Sandhill Nursery we take pride in the soils we provide and source only the highest quality products for your gardens, planters, lawns and other projects. We test all of our products, we believe they are the best on the market, and we use them ourselves.

All of our soils are made up of 100% recycled materials.Traditionally, compost and manure blends have had significant peat moss content. High demand for these soils has caused peat bogs to deplete which is damaging for the environment and to wildlife habitat. This has caused the price of peat to rise significantly, to the point that the majority of our suppliers have found other materials to mix to keep prices lower. Leaf compost has become a popular option and provides more nutrients to the product than peat, not to mention has a positive rather than negative environmental effect. 

For you as a consumer this means that you continue to get a high quality product with excellent nutrient content that will provide superior germination and growth rates. These products are screened and filtered, but some small particulates can make it through this screening process. You may find small pieces of paper or plastic mixed in with the soil. We do everything we can to provide the cleanest soils, but you may have to remove a few small pieces of debris from your soil as you use it. You may notice a difference in the texture and colour of our products from what you may have received in a previous delivery. This is common as suppliers create new batches and does not mean that one batch is superior to another.

We encourage you to visit our Garden Centre to view the products yourself and have any questions answered. We’d love to see you!

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